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Maybe its just us, but it seems the word ‘Sale’ has lost it’s meaning in the blinds and shutters business. Christmas is over, and many people look forward to the January Sales to update their homes and rooms with new blinds and trends currently happening.

The big ‘50% Sale’ offers are like a magnet to online shoppers, but for the rest of the year the ‘original price’ is grossly marked up to give shoppers the impression they are getting a real bargain when paying 50%.

At Love Blinds, we don’t have any ‘January Sales’ or ‘Limited time Offers’. Instead, we maintain a competitive balance all year round, offering our customers made-to-measure blinds and shutters at prices that cannot be beaten.

Being an independent company allows us better control over our suppliers, and we can outsource the products you want to fit into your budget. Our suppliers understand our needs, and we do not offer a standard, basic service, but one that caters to your individual needs as a Love Blinds customer.

So don’t be lured in by the big red ‘Sale’ offers….. instead, contact the company that will give you fantastic offers all year round, accompanied by a service that cannot be matched!

Love Blinds Ltd

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