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Here at Love Blinds, we are highly competitive in providing basswood shutters to our customers throughout the whole of the south east and home counties. One question that we are often asked is ‘What is basswood?’ With this in mind, we’ve highlighted what you need to know about Basswood below, and why it is the best material for your plantation shutters:

* Wood is the most preferable material for building shutters, and Basswood is a superior wood as it is the straightest of hardwoods with uniform texture. It can be sanded and stained to a smooth finish, and is lightweight yet very strong.

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* Basswood is a renewable resource and harvesting is done responsibly, balancing growth with removal. Every year the United States grows around twice as much hardwood as it harvests.

* Popular uses for basswood include drafting tables, carvings, furniture, musical instruments and surfboards to name but a few.

* Basswood does not warp, meaning you can have complete confidence in the fact that your shutters will remain looking fantastic for years to come.

* Lightweight yet very strong, making it ideal for rooms where they is a lot of activity (childrens bedrooms, living rooms etc). It is also suitable for commercial premises for this exact same reason.

Basswood is very versatile, meaning we can manufacture any shape/size to suit your property. In areas where arches are very common, shutters look truly fantastic. The combination of Basswood framing and panels gives a solid, structured feel to your shutters with a high quality finish.

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For these reasons, Basswood is certainly the ideal choice for plantation shutters, which is a good thing for us here at Love Blinds, as we offer the highest quality Basswood at prices that cannot be matched.

Contact us today and stop missing out!

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